Princípios Meeglee

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Principles of MeeGlee

MeeGlee is constantly being developed with the utmost dedication to integrate our world with the world of our pets, bringing the lost essence of friendship, unity, gratitude and responsibility that animals can teach us in a unique way. We believe that if we are more connected with our animals, we will be able to reach the top of our human and social potential, in addition to establishing the harmony between the differences, making our world better. MeeGlee gives people the freedom to express themselves intensely and truthfully through the eyes of their pets. We also provide the right tools to share our emotions and connect with them, dedicating to the people and pets we love a unique form of freedom of expression. We understand that unconditional love is the purest and most powerful form of communication where its innumerable forms of expression can only be controlled by limitations of law, technology, and social development rules. Therefore, we establish the principles as the structural basis of the rights and responsibilities of the community that is part of the MeeGlee service.
  • Proximity

We believe that together we are more, where we provide through MeeGlee the possibility of people always being close to their pets and pet friends, facilitating their control, care, and recording all the exciting moments between you, your partner of all hours or friends that are part of your life. Everyone on the premise is free to share the information they want, in any way and in any format, and have the right to connect with anyone - any pet, person, organization or service - as long as both agree on the connection.
  • Knowledge

We at MeeGlee place great value on the dissemination of knowledge, where we believe that by sharing information and experiences we will reach a new social and cultural stage. We understand that anyone who participates in the MeeGlee family owns your information and is free to share, manage, block, interact with, and even remove from MeegGlee your information by controlling your privacy as you wish. However, as knowledge expands our freedom, we do not control the members and how they will use their information.
  • Freedom

We believe that we are totally free to use the resources and services with total autonomy. However, for continuity and equality, we understand that our actions must be governed by the basic principle that we are free until our freedom conflicts with the interests and beliefs of the other members of the MeeGlee family, who deserve the respect of all.
  • Responsibility

We are dedicated untiringly to our family being united and happy. For this, we understand that we are all responsible for the information and actions within MeeGlee, where our goal is to connect people, pets, families, professionals and services so that we have more and more respect and responsibility, not only with our friends and pets, but with the causes of our society, striving cooperatively to improve the world through our actions.
  • Fun

We know we can produce more for ourselves and for society if we are happy. For this reason we bring you fun and entertainment through profiles and friends so that we can learn, be aware and responsible through the fun and proximity to our pets that MeeGlee brings.
  • Consciousness

We hope the MeeGlee family has the opportunity to raise awareness of our actions for our pets and how positively they can contaminate the world, not just our friends, family and children, but every society, bringing to our world the missing connection with our emotions. We can enjoy and eternalize the moments and emotions with our best friends, wherever we are, without borders and limits to demonstrate what we feel, because we believe that whoever has a pet knows the true meaning of unconditional love.
  • Unity

We believe that together we are stronger, and through this principle we bring together not only our human friends and pets, but we also potentiate your unique bond between you and your pets, providing interaction, closeness and relaxation, even in distant moments, demonstrating everything care and care you have with your best friend.