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Welcome to MeeGlee, a management and entertainment service, consisting of a platform with content and services for owners of dogs, cats and other pets, which can be used via the application or via the web, through your smartphone, tablet, computer or any other device with internet access.Much more than a social network with human profiles, MeeGlee provides profiles for your pets (linked to human profiles), so you can play with your favorite pet, take care of his health and learn everything about the pet world. In addition, you will have access to a myriad of products and services that will help you demonstrate to your pet how huge your love for him is. Not to mention that you can share all your pets' activities with your friends (and your pet's friends), find your relatives (and your pet's relatives), common interests, exchange information, and more.

Last revision date: September 8, 2017

MeeGlee Platform Terms of Use

This document is based on the   Principles of MeeGlee   and governs our relationship with users, their pets, and other persons interacting with MeeGlee, as well as MeeGlee's brands, products and services that do not have separate terms or are bound by these terms, which we call   "MeeGlee Services" or simply "Services". By using or accessing the MeeGlee Services, you agree to these terms, which are periodically updated in accordance with section 14 below. In addition, you can find resources at the end of this document to help you understand how MeeGlee works.

Since MeeGlee provides a wide variety of   Services, we may ask you to review and accept companion terms that apply to your interaction with a particular application, game, product, or service. In the event of conflict of terms in addition to these terms of use, the first (complementary) terms associated with the application, product or service shall prevail with respect to their respective uses (be it the application, product or service connected with the conflict).


1. MeeGlee absolute impartiality

1.1. Every user should be aware of the principles of MeeGlee and act in accordance with our philosophy, that is, use the services offered in its platform solely for your well-being and that of your pet, in total harmony with the other users, respecting the opinions of others, in all respects;

1.2. Each user is solely responsible for his or her actions (except minors, whose parents or legal guardians are responsible), so be very careful with the content you publish, so as not to offend anyone, as you may be prosecuted by and we do not want anyone to take offense or harm.

1.3. MeeGlee always remains neutral and unbiased about your preferences. We respect without distinction all individuals, animals, groups, companies, parties, associations and the like, but we do not affiliate to any of them. For us all are equal (both human / professional users and their animals) without distinction of any kind, race, sex, color, age, religion, ethnicity, faction, political, social, sexual preference, and any other forms of discrimination.

1.4. MeeGlee is not responsible for the comments or opinions of its users, who must act with the utmost decency, education and respect for each other, maintaining harmony, peace and mutual friendship, as our principles dictate. If this rule is not respected, the infringing user may be banned from our platform, at the discretion of MeeGlee, and may appeal, provided that with convincing grounds and evidence.

1.5. MeeGlee is not responsible for any commercial transactions made through its tools, whether they are free transactions (donations, for example) or costly (paid). If you have any problems with a purchase, sale, exchange, donation, adoption of animals, or any other transaction involving your pet, you should contact the other party (the other user with whom you are transacting). Therefore, we advise you to be very careful before you negotiate your little friend: mark the meeting in a public place, and preferably do not go alone. If you are a minor, do not go to a meeting without the company of an adult and do not make appointments without first talking to your parents or legal guardians, as we do not want you to take any risks.

1.6. MeeGlee is also not responsible for any ads posted on its platform, either in the tool, in the app, on the website, or in any other space that may be created on your platform, since MeeGlee's function is only to facilitate the meeting of the parties concerned. So if you have any problems involving an advertised product or service, please contact the advertiser directly because MeeGlee is not participating in the negotiations.

1.7. You are fully aware that the information posted by us on any part of the MeeGlee tool is just to help you learn more about your pet, or about any other you like, and kill your curiosity a little. We make every effort to help you, however, you are aware that there may be differences in this information due to the sources used; so be sure to consult a veterinarian, who is the professional in the area, as we do not want anything bad to happen to your pet. If you are under 18, ask your parents or legal guardians for help.

1.8. The content of MeeGlee may be removed totally or partially at any time, indefinitely, in its sole discretion, with or without prior notice to its users, without implying any right to indemnify any user, not setting up a backup, storage, or whatever service. Therefore, if it is in your interest to store any information contained in the MeeGlee platform, make copies of what you need while you have access to the platform on your own.

1.9. You agree that MeeGlee shall not be liable to you or any third party for any interference or termination of your access to the Services made available on your platform.

1.10. MeeGlee may use random colors for the sole purpose of differentiating the genres of its registered users, both humans (male and female) and their pets (male and female), without any discrimination, offense or criticism to any user , after all, for us, everyone is equal and very welcome to our entire platform, created with great affection to stimulate and promote the best conviviality among its users.


2. Privacy

Your privacy is very important to us. We elaborate our   Privacy Policy   to disclose how you may use MeeGlee to share information and content with other users as well as how we collect and use such content and information. We recommend that you read the   Privacy Policy   and use it to make conscious decisions.  

3. Sharing your information and content

You own all the information and content you post on Meeglee, whether on your behalf, your company, or your registered pets, and you can control how they will be shared through your   privacy settings   it's from   applications. Besides that:

3.1. For content protected by intellectual property rights laws, such as photos and videos (IP content), you specifically grant us the following permission, subject to your   privacy settings   it's from   applications: You grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sublicensable, royalty-free, global license to use any IP content posted by you or associated with MeeGlee (IP License). This IP License ends when you delete your IP content or your account, except when your content is shared with others and it is not deleted by them.
3.2. When you delete an IP content, it is removed in a manner similar to emptying the computer's trash. However, understand that deleted content may remain in backup copies for a reasonable period (but will not be available to other users).
3.3. When you use an app, it may request your permission to access your content and information, as well as content and information that other people have shared with you. We require applications to respect your privacy, and agreement with this application will control how you may use, store and transfer such content and information. (To learn more about the Platform, including how you can control information that people can share with applications, read our   Data Policy.)
3.4. When you post content or information using the Public option, you are allowing everyone, including people outside of MeeGlee, to access and use that information and associate it with you, your business / business, and / or your pets (ie, name and profile photo).
3.5. By accepting the content of these terms of use you waive the right to your image and agree to the use of all your data provided to MeeGlee (except payment), as well as the use of all content posted by you without giving you the right to any compensation.
3.6. Your comments or other suggestions about MeeGlee are always welcome, but understand that we may use these comments or suggestions without any obligation to compensate you for them (just as you do not have the obligation to offer them).
3.7. The user exempts MeeGlee from any liability arising from the improper use of his image (whether by means of photos or videos of any nature), name, or any personal information, by other users of the community or others who have access to the services provided by MeeGlee, either on your website or App.
3.8. The user registering his pet profile will be considered, for all purposes, as owner of the pet, being the only one with powers to transfer such property to another person and, if he does, he will be aware that he will lose not only the property and the management of the transferred pet profile, as well as the links with it until then, remaining only access to usage histories, posts, photos, videos, activities and data regarding the transferred profile.
3.9. The user is already aware that accepting another user as his friend will automatically accept all the friend's pets, and will receive the news feeds of all the profiles added. If in the future the friend includes more pets, their friendship will not depend on confirmation, but only on request, as it is done by a friend (human profile). However, you can always choose whether or not to receive the news feed for each profile added as a friend of yours. The user is aware that he can stop following the friend profile with which he will maintain his friendship, but will no longer receive his feeds.
3.10. The user completely exempts MeeGlee from any responsibility for the job vacancies found through the MeeJob tool, being the sole responsibility of the user who announced it on our platform, the selection of candidates, job information and everything else that involves them. The mere existence of the job vacancy does not guarantee the participation of any user in the selection of the same, nor any right over it, being the selection process at the sole discretion of the advertiser.
3.11. You are aware that by making your pet available for dating or blood donation, your pet's profile may appear on the search results list of our platform, allowing other users to contact you to match the details (dating your pets or how the blood donation will be). In addition, you agree that MeeGlee has no involvement or responsibility in dealing with your users, as it only facilitates your meeting. Therefore, be cautious when dealing with other users, especially when it involves the health of your pet, and we always recommend that you get the help of a qualified professional.
3.12. You agree that by creating the profile of your pet and entering the requested information, it will automatically be included in the group of pet users of the same breed, where they can discuss matters related to the pet world and, specifically, to that breed. In addition, it can be located and contacted by other users, not confusing any inconvenience to you or any other user linked to your pet.


4. Safety

We always do everything possible to keep MeeGlee safe, but we can not guarantee that. Therefore, we need your help, which includes the following commitments on your part:

4.1. You will not post unauthorized commercial communications (such as spam) on MeeGlee.
4.2. You will not collect content or user information, or access MeeGlee, using automated means (such as bots, robots, spiders or scrapers) without our prior permission, or the user.
4.3. You will not be part of illegal MLM, like a pyramid scheme, on MeeGlee.
4.4. You will not carry viruses or other malicious code.
4.5. You will not ask for login information, nor will you access an account that belongs to someone else.
4.6. You will not bully, harass or bully anyone.
4.7. You will not post content that contains hate speech, whether it is threatening or pornographic; incite violence, ill-treatment of animals and / or children; or contain nudity or gratuitous or graphic violence.
4.8. You will not develop or operate a third-party application with content related to alcohol, dating, or other adult content (including advertisements) without age-appropriate restrictions.
4.9. You will not use MeeGlee to perform any illegal, immoral, misleading, socially objectionable, malicious, or discriminatory act of any nature, whether against persons, objects or animals.
4.10. You will not do anything that could disrupt, overburden, disrupt, or prevent the proper functioning or appearance of MeeGlee, such as a denial of service attack or interference with page processing or other MeeGlee functionality.
4.11. You will not facilitate or encourage any breach of these Terms of Use or any other document relating to our policies.
4.12. You will not use the name, image, trademark, patent or any information of another user or company protected by the Copyright Law, or another applicable law, without express consent of its owner, under penalty of being payment of any compensation to the victim (individual or legal entity, user or not of the platform).


5. Account registration and security

MeeGlee users provide their names and actual information (and / or your company, and / or their pets), and we need your help to keep it that way. Here are some of the commitments you have entered into with us regarding registering and maintaining your account security.

5.1. You will not provide any false personal information on MeeGlee, nor will you create an account for anyone other than you without permission.
5.2. You will not create more than one personal account.
5.3. If we disable your account, you should not create another without our permission.
5.4. You will not use your timeline or your pets' own trading income. For such purposes, use the MeeGlee Business Profiles.
5.5. If you live in Brazil, you may only access MeeGlee services under the following conditions: a) be over 12 years old; b) if you are under 18, you may access MeeGlee's services (except to create a Professional Profile), but your access will depend on the authorization of your parents or legal representatives; b) if you are over 18 or have your full civil capacity duly proven (Article 5, Brazilian Civil Code) your access will be unrestricted, and will no longer depend on the authorization of your parents or legal guardians. If you live in the United States of America, you must be at least 13 years old, according to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule (Act). For residents in other countries, refer to the respective legislation.
5.6. You will not use MeeGlee if you have already been criminally convicted of a sex offense or for any crime committed against animals.
5.7. You will keep your contact information accurate and up to date.
5.8. You are solely responsible for your account. Therefore, you will not share your password (or, in the case of developers, your secret key), nor will you let anyone else access your account or do anything that could compromise the security of your account, as you will be civilly and criminally liable, for any and all damages caused to third parties or to MeeGlee through the use of your account.
5.9. You will not transfer your account (including any Page or application administered by you) to anyone without first obtaining our written permission.
5.10. If you select a similar user name or identifier for your account or Page, we reserve the right to remove or retrieve this name or identifier if we deem appropriate (for example, when a trademark owner claims a username that does not has any relation to the user's real name).

6. Protection of the rights of others

We respect the rights of third parties, and we expect you to do the same.

6.1. You will not post content or engage in any act on MeeGlee that infringes or violates third party rights or the law.
6.2. We may remove any content or information posted by you from MeeGlee if we believe that this violates these terms of use or our policies.
6.3. We provide you with tools to help you protect your intellectual property rights. To know more, go to our page   of help.
6.4. If we remove your content for infringing someone's copyright, and you believe that we have removed it by mistake, we will give you the opportunity to appeal.
6.5. If you repeatedly violate the intellectual property rights of others, we will deactivate your account when appropriate.
6.6. You will not use our copyrights, trademarks, or any similar marks that may cause confusion, except as expressly authorized by our Trademark Guidelines or our prior written permission.
6.7. If you collect information from users, you must: obtain their consent, make it clear that it is you (and not MeeGlee) who is collecting the information and posting a privacy policy explaining what information will be collected and how it will be used.
6.8. You should not post identification documents or third-party confidential financial information on MeeGlee.
6.9. You will not flag users (or their pets) or email invitations to non-users without their consent. MeeGlee provides social reporting tools to allow users to comment on the tag.
6.10. Each user can freely accept or reject invitations from other users' friendships. After accepting the invitation, the user may freely discard the friendship, denounce profiles that are doubtful, fraudulent, or incompatible with this instrument.


7. Mobile and other mobile devices

We currently provide our mobile services for free, but keep in mind that your carrier's normal rates and taxes such as text messaging or data traffic rates may still apply.

7.1. If you change or disable your mobile phone number, you must update your MeeGlee account information within 48 hours to ensure that your messages are not sent to the person who purchased your old number.
7.2. You consent to and provide all necessary rights to allow users to synchronize your devices with any of your information (including through an application) that is visible to them on MeeGlee.


8. Payments

Access to MeeGlee is free, unless you want to advertise products or services on our platform. In this case, by making a payment on MeeGlee, you agree to our   Payment terms,   unless it is established that other terms will apply.


9. About advertisements and other commercial content provided or enhanced by MeeGlee

We aim to promote ads and other commercial or sponsored content that are important to our users and advertisers. To help us with this, you agree to the terms below.

9.1. You grant us permission to use your name (and your pets), profile image, content and information related to commercial, sponsored or related content (such as a brand or professional you have enjoyed) provided or improved by us. This means, for example, that you allow a company or other entity to pay us to display your name (and your pets) and / or profile image with your content or information without receiving any compensation for it. If you have selected a specific audience for your content or information, we will respect your choice when using this data.
9.2. We will not provide your content or information to advertisers without your consent.
9.3. You understand that paid services and related communications will not always be identified by us.
9.4. You are aware that ads can comprise products, services, brands, serve to promote pages and advertise pets, both for purchase, sale, and adoption.
9.5. You are aware that MeeGlee has no responsibility for the published announcements, as it does not have any participation or control of the same. So if you have any problem with a product or service that you have seen in an ad, look directly at the advertiser to solve it.


10. Special provisions applicable to advertisers

If you use our advertising self-service interfaces to create, submit and / or serve any advertising or other commercial or sponsored activity or content, you are agreeing to the following terms:

10.1. You are responsible for ensuring that your ad complies with all applicable laws, statutes, and regulations, including misleading advertising standards. Therefore, the ads should not contain false, misleading, fraudulent or deceptive content or claims, under penalty of civil and criminal liability of the advertiser.
10.2. You will post ads only related to the pet world (products, services, animal crosses and the like).
10.3. By clicking on the published ads, users will be redirected to your professional profile (or to your non-MeeGlee website), whose content and / or quality of the products or services will be the sole responsibility of the advertising user.
10.4. Advertisements that promote the sale of prescription drugs (prescription of a veterinarian) should require such document upon delivery to the purchaser user. Pages of online pharmacies are only allowed with prior authorization from MeeGlee.
10.5. The MeeGlee team may review the ads before posting, and may be disapproved of that ad that does not comply with our policies and principles. In this case, the advertiser will be informed of the reasons for the disapproval of his ad, being responsible for its correction or replacement, that will be re-analyzed by MeeGlee and will not be published until it is approved.
10.6. The approval of the ads by the MeeGlee team does not remove from the advertiser their exclusive responsibility for the advertised content or any problem arising from their negotiation with any person or company, after all MeeGlee only grants its space to the advertisers and brings them closer to the users of the tool , facilitating their meeting.


11. Special provisions applicable to Professional Profiles

11.1. The user can create a professional profile, where you can establish the digital presence of your company or business indicating the segment and directing your products and services specifically to potential customers, generating more ease, proximity and efficiency for customers.
11.2. If you create a professional profile on MeeGlee, and / or serve a promotion or offer from your professional profile, you agree to comply with all rules mentioned in item 9 above ("Special provisions applicable to advertisers"), as well as to comply with applicable law, under penalty of exclusive liability. MeeGlee is not responsible for any failure to provide services and / or quality of products offered by advertisers, and users are aware that MeeGlee acts only as an intermediary between users.
11.3. In order to create a profile for companies, you must be at least 18 years old or have your full civil capacity duly proven (according to article 5 of the Brazilian Civil Code) before any negotiations with MeeGlee.


12. Special provisions applicable to software

12.1. If you download or use our software, such as a standalone software product, an application or a browser plug-in, you agree that the software may download and install the updates and additional features from time to time in order to enhance or develop it.
12.2. You will not attempt to modify, create derivative works from, decompile, or attempt to extract source code unless expressly authorized under open source license or otherwise expressly granted by us.


13. Special provisions applicable to the MeeTime function

Are you aware that the "MeeTime" function consists of short videos, with a maximum duration of 10 (ten) seconds, recorded through the camera of your smartphone, which expire within 24 (twenty four) hours if they are not their timeline, and can no longer be recovered after their expiration.

14. Changes

14.1. We will notify you whenever we make changes to these terms and we will give you the opportunity to review the revised terms before continuing to use our Services, however, this does not exclude your duty to periodically consult these terms.
14.2. If we make changes to policies, guidelines or other terms mentioned or incorporated in this Statement, we may make a notice on the Site Governance Page.
14.3. If you continue to use the MeeGlee Services after notice of changes to our terms, policies or guidelines, this constitutes your express acceptance of the changed terms, policies or guidelines.
14.4. If you do not agree to the changed terms of any of our services you must discontinue use of such service, excluding your registered profiles.


15. Brands

MeeGlee, all MeeGlee logos, as well as trademarks and other marks that may appear on the Application ("Trademarks"), are trademarks and service marks of MeeGlee and / or its affiliates, the property of which is owned exclusively by the company that developed them , mentioned in our data and cookies policy.

All other trademarks, trade names, service marks and logos used in this tool, with or without attribution, are used with the express authorization of their respective owners.


16. Termination

If you violate the text or the essence of these Terms of Use, or generate possible risk or legal exposure to us, we may stop providing MeeGlee to you, in whole or in part. In this case, we'll notify you via email or the next time you try to access your account. You can also delete or disable your account in your app at any time. In all such cases, these Terms of Use will lapse, but the following provisions will still apply: 3.2, 3.4, 3.7, 4-6, 9.3 and 16-20.  

17. Disputes

17.1. These General Terms, as well as the relationship arising from the actions herein understood, as well as any dispute arising therefrom shall be governed exclusively by Brazilian law.
17.2. In order to resolve any claim or conflict related exclusively to these Terms of Use or to MeeGlee, the Central Forum of the District of São José do Rio Preto, State of São Paulo, Brazil, is elected to resolve any questions arising from the use of the Contents and / or violation of these General Terms, renouncing the parts to any other, however privileged it may or may become.
17.3. The non-exercise by MeeGlee of any rights or faculties conferred by these General Terms or by the Brazilian legislation, as well as the possible tolerance against infractions to these General Terms or to their rights, does not matter in the waiver of their rights, nor in the novation or amendment of the items and clauses of this instrument, and MeeGlee may exercise its rights at any time.
17.4. If you believe that there are facts, circumstances or suspected of any improper use of the Contents or any security concerns relating to MeeGlee, and in particular, that represent copyright infringement or intellectual property or other rights, we ask you to send a communication to MeeGlee via email meeglee@meeglee.com including, if possible, your personal data (name, address and phone number) and event specification verified by You (in particular, in the case of alleged violation of rights copyright, precise and complete indication of the contents protected and allegedly infringed with their respective URLs).
17.5. If you make a claim against us in connection with your actions, content or information on MeeGlee, you will indemnify us from any liability for any damages, losses and expenses of any kind (including applicable legal costs) in connection with such claim. Mesmo estabelecendo regras de conduta para os usuários, não controlamos nem orientamos as ações dos usuários no MeeGlee e não nos responsabilizamos pelo conteúdo ou as informações que os usuários transmitem ou compartilham no MeeGlee. Não nos responsabilizamos por qualquer conteúdo ou dado ofensivo, inadequado, obsceno, ilegal ou questionável que você possa encontrar no MeeGlee. Não nos responsabilizamos pela conduta, on-line ou off-line, de qualquer usuário do MeeGlee.

18. Leis de Controle de Exportação.

O Software e os demais serviços do MeeGlee podem estar sujeitos aos controles de exportação do Brasil e de outras jurisdições. Ao fazer o download dos mesmos, você declara que não se encontra em nenhum país, ou exportando para qualquer pessoa ou lugar, com o qual o Brasil, ou qualquer outra jurisdição, mantenham embargo comercial.

Você concorda em agir de acordo com as leis de controle de exportação do Brasil ou de outras jurisdições aplicáveis e em não transferir, por meios eletrônicos ou de outra maneira, qualquer Conteúdo ou Software do MeeGlee sujeito a restrições por tais leis a um destino nacional proibido por tais leis, sem primeiramente obter e respeitar qualquer autorização requisitada pelo governo. Você também concorda em não fazer upload para nenhum Aplicativo de nenhum dado ou software que não possa ser exportado sem autorização prévia por escrito do governo, incluindo, mas sem limitações, determinados tipos de software de criptografia. As garantias e os compromissos desta seção sobreviverão ao término deste Acordo.

19. Definições

19.1. Os termos "MeeGlee" ou "Serviços do MeeGlee" abrangem os recursos e serviços que disponibilizamos, inclusive através de (a) nosso site www.meeglee.com e qualquer outro site da marca MeeGlee ou sites de marca compartilhada (incluindo subdomínios, versões internacionais, widgets e versões para celular); (b) nossa Plataforma; (c) plug-ins sociais, como o botão Curtir, o botão Compartilhar e outras ofertas similares (d) e outras mídias, marcas, produtos, serviços, softwares (como uma barra de ferramentas), dispositivos ou redes já existentes ou desenvolvidos posteriormente. O MeeGlee se reserva o direito de definir, a seu critério, quais marcas, produtos ou serviços são regidos por termos separados e não por estes Termos de Uso.
19.2. O termo "Plataforma" envolve um conjunto de APIs e serviços (como conteúdo) que permitem que outras pessoas, inclusive desenvolvedores de aplicativos e operadores de sites, recuperem dados do MeeGlee ou forneçam dados para nós.
19.3. O termo "informações" envolve fatos e outras informações sobre você e seu (s) pet (s), incluindo as ações executadas por usuários e não usuários que interagem com o MeeGlee.
19.4. O termo "conteúdo" envolve tudo que você ou outros usuários publicam, fornecem ou compartilham usando os Serviços do MeeGlee.
19.5. O termo “usuário” abrange tanto os indivíduos com idade superior a 18 anos (que podem criar todos os perfis do MeeGlee e contratar anúncios), quanto aqueles com idade entre 12 e 18 anos, desde que autorizados por seus pais ou representantes legais.
19.6. O termo "dados" ou "dados do usuário" envolve qualquer dado, incluindo conteúdos ou informações de um usuário que você ou terceiros possam obter do MeeGlee ou fornecer ao MeeGlee pela plataforma.
19.7. O termo "publicar" envolve tornar público ou disponibilizar conteúdos usando o MeeGlee.
19.8. O termo "uso" significa usar, executar, copiar, agir ou expor publicamente, distribuir, modificar, traduzir e criar trabalhos derivados.
19.9. O termo "aplicativo" ou “App” envolve qualquer aplicativo ou site que use ou acesse a Plataforma, bem como qualquer item que receba ou tenha recebido dados de nós. Se você não acessa mais a Plataforma, mas não excluiu os dados, o termo aplicativo se aplicará até que você os exclua.


20. Outros

20.1. Estes Termos de Uso compõem todo o acordo entre as partes em relação ao MeeGlee e tem preferência sobre acordos anteriores.
20.2. Se qualquer parte destes Termos de Uso for considerada inexequível, a parte restante permanecerá em plena vigência.
20.3. Se nós falharmos em impor qualquer parte destes Termos de Uso, isso não será considerado abdicação de direitos.
20.4. As correções ou abdicações de direitos destes Termos de Uso devem ser efetuadas por escrito e assinadas por nós.
20.5. Você não deve transferir seus direitos nem obrigações descritos nestes Termos de Uso para qualquer outra pessoa sem nosso consentimento.
20.6. Todos os nossos direitos e obrigações descritos nestes Termos de Uso são livremente atribuídos por nós em relação a fusões, aquisições, vendas de bens, imposição legal ou outro fator.
20.7. Nada descrito nestes Termos de Uso nos impedirá de cumprir a lei.
20.8. Estes Termos de Uso Declaração não conferem direitos que beneficiam terceiros.
20.9. Nós nos reservamos todos os direitos que não sejam expressamente concedidos a você.
20.10. Você deve obedecer a todas as leis aplicáveis quando estiver usando ou acessando o MeeGlee.

Ao usar ou acessar os Serviços do MeeGlee, você nos permite coletar e usar tais conteúdos e informações de acordo com a   Política de Dados   e suas futuras emendas.