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Paws of Inspiration

In the tapestry of life, 2013 marked the year when Daisy, a spirited 3-year-old Miniature Dachshund, graced our lives.  She joined the ranks of our canine companions, including Romeo, another rescued Miniature Dachshund, and Hailey, our cherished Chocolate Lab.  Daisy brought boundless joy at a time when we were grappling with the loss of Ella, another rescued Miniature Dachshund who succumbed to cancer.  It was in the poignant moment that the seeds of a dream were planted.

With the inception of MEEGLEE, I envisioned Daisy as our unspoken, perfect mascot – a testament to my love for Miniature Dachshunds and a tribute to small dog enthusiasts everywhere.  We were on the precipice of launching our dream business, and I had ordered products for Daisy to unveil and share with our followers. However, fate had other plans, and Daisy never had the chance to open the box.  Despite her valiant battle against congestive heart failure, Daisy remained our shining star until the day she peacefully crossed the rainbow bridge, cradled in my arms at home.  Our world crumbled, and our hearts ached with the loss of our four-legged love.  The pain of losing a fur baby, I learned, never truly lessons.

Legacy to Uphold

After Daisy’s passing, an indescribable emptiness settled in our hearts, a void seemingly impossible to fill.  We were resolute in our desire to open our hearts and home to another pup in need, a journey that was both exciting and daunting.  We embarked on a quest to find a new four-legged family member who could carry Daisy’s legacy of love forward.  It wasn’t about replacing Daisy – that was inconceivable – but rather about finding a companion who radiated the same warmth, love and playful spirit that Daisy had embodied. 

The Quest Begins

Our quest led us through a labyrinth of online shelters, rescue organizations, and individuals seeking homes for accidental litters across the country.  Each pup we met had its own unique charm, but we sought something extraordinary – a connection that could breathe Daisy’s spirit into our home and business.  It was a challenging journey, marked by multiple disappointments and heartaches.

I found myself captivated by the world of rescue and shelter websites, relentlessly checking for new listings despite having automated alerts.  Then, the serendipitous moment arrived when I stumbled upon the perfect rescue dog, one that checked all the boxes.  There was a palpable excitement as we agreed on a pickup date, and I poured my heart into preparations.  However, an unexpected setback struck when the dog’s owner informed me that someone else would be collecting the dog because she didn’t want to wait another week for me to come.  Disappointment number one was a stark reminder that our journey was far from smooth.

Our path was riddled with hurdles, from shelters hesitant to consider adoptions across state lines to promised dogs suddenly becoming unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances.  We navigated the complexities of compatibility with our beloved Biscuit, mournful from Daisy’s loss.  Urgent appeals flooded our inboxes, to rescue dogs that were soon to be euthanized, each tugging at our hearts.  Throughout these challenges, one truth remained clear; every fur baby, regardless of location or health challenges, deserved a loving home.

As we persevered through these trials and tribulations, the inspiring tales of these dogs touched our hearts, reinforcing our belief that we were on the right path to finding our new fur baby and carrying Daisy’s legacy of love forward.  

A New Chapter Begins

After months of searching and countless emotional ups and downs, we never lost hope.  It is with great excitement that we introduce you to the newest member of our family and business, Mazie.  She not only captured our hearts but embodies the spirit of love, joy, and hope that Daisy left behind.  Daisy’s legacy lives on through Mazie, as if she passed the torch of love and joy to her.  Our old memories with Daisy remain golden, and our new ones with Mazie are equally precious.  Though Daisy is no longer with us physically, her spirit infuses everything we do.  Ironically, Mazie exhibits some of the same characteristics as Daisy, leading my husband to jest that Daisy whispers in Mazie’s ear, guiding her actions.  Our lives and business move forward with Daisy in our hearts and Mazie by our side, Daisy our guiding star, and Mazie the dynamic sidekick adding her unique twist to our story.

Join us as we welcome our forever mascot and embark on a new chapter of our business journey.  Daisy may be absent from our sight, but her legacy lives on in the love and warmth we infuse into our products.  Mazie will help us continue our mission to provide comfort and support to pets in need. 

Settling Mazie into our lives has been a whirlwind of laughter, heart-melting moments, and the inevitable puppy mishaps.  It’s a delicate balance of honoring Daisy’s memory while embracing Mazie’s unique personality.  Mazie is a joyful tornado, and it’s an incredible experience.

What’s truly remarkable is knowing that Mazie isn’t just a new face; she’s part of a chain of love.  For every Mazie, there’s a furry companion somewhere getting a fresh start.  It’s as if Daisy’s legacy lives on, spreading warmth and goodness.

Remember, life is a blend of difficult goodbyes and beautiful new beginnings.  While shedding tears is natural, it’s equally vital to embrace the journey ahead, as it has a remarkable way of healing.  Thank you for joining us on this ride and stay tuned for more – our story has only just begun!